Hip Hops Haze 2.1

Full-bodied hazy IPA. From the moment you crack open a can, you'll be greeted by the heady aroma of pine resin, an intoxicating invitation to dive into a world of bold flavours and aromatic delights.

But that's just the beginning of the journey. As you take your first sip, prepare to be dazzled by the explosion of flavours that awaits. Thanks to a carefully curated blend of Moutere, Nectaron, and Astra hops, this IPA offers a symphony of taste that unfolds on the palate in waves of tropical fruit and delicate white wine notes. Each mouthful is a revelation, with the juicy sweetness of ripe mangoes and passionfruit giving way to the subtle complexity of Sauvignon Blanc grapes, creating a harmonious balance of flavours that is simply irresistible.

And let's not forget about the hazy nature of this brew, which serves to amplify and intensify the flavours, creating a rich and immersive drinking experience that lingers long after the last drop has been savoured. With its full-bodied texture and complex flavour profile, this hazy IPA is a true feast for the senses, a celebration of the artistry and creativity that goes into every batch.

  • 6.5% ABV
  • 2 Std Drinks (375ml)

Currently pouring in the taproom at Hip Hops Brewers! 
4 Pack Tins available from the taproom

Original can art by Rhys Ferguson and Shaun Reeves