King Lear

Prepare to embark on a flavour journey like no other with our latest creation—a tantalising brew that marries medium malt sweetness with a spicy noble hop character, all brought to life by the distinctive fruit esters of English yeast. From the first pour, you'll be greeted by a rich golden hue that hints at the complexity within.

Take a moment to savour the aromas that waft from your glass—a symphony of malt sweetness and spicy hop notes that promise a taste experience unlike any other. With each sip, you'll be treated to a harmonious blend of flavours, as the subtle sweetness of the malt gives way to the assertive spice of the noble hops.

But it doesn't end there. Thanks to the magic of English yeast, our brew boasts a unique fruitiness that adds depth and complexity to every mouthful. And just when you think you've tasted it all, a medium bitterness sweeps in to balance the flavours, leaving your palate refreshed and ready for more.

With its impeccable balance of flavours and layers of complexity, this brew is sure to delight even the most discerning beer connoisseurs. So why wait? Dive into a glass of our medium malt sweetness with spicy noble hop character brew today and experience flavour perfection in every sip.

  • 5.0% ABV
  • 30 IBU
  • 1.5 Std Drinks (375ml)

Currently pouring in the taproom at Hip Hops Brewers! 
4 Pack Tins available from the taproom

Original can art by Rhys Ferguson and Shaun Reeves