Magnum M.I.D

A solid mid-strength craft beer that serves as the perfect "gateway" brew for newcomers to the craft beer scene and seasoned aficionados alike. Light and refreshing, this beer is designed to be enjoyed any time, anywhere, offering a delightful taste experience without weighing you down.

At its core, this brew boasts a restrained bitterness that allows the other flavours to shine. But don't let that fool you—there's still plenty of complexity to be found here. Thanks to a carefully balanced malt profile, each sip is a symphony of flavours that dances across the palate, leaving you wanting more.

What truly sets this beer apart, however, is its low gluten and reduced carb content. Perfect for those looking to enjoy a great-tasting beer without the guilt, this brew offers all the flavour and satisfaction you crave without any of the excess baggage.

  • 3.8% ABV
  • 11 IBU
  • 1.2 Std Drinks (375ml
Not available on tap at the moment. Check back soon!
Not available in cans.
Original can art by Rhys Ferguson and Shaun Reeves